I collect postcards. I am an artist. This blog showcases both hobbies.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

word art

I have been in the art mood lately, amd have a 5x7 (fooot, not inches) canvas to prove it...except the canvas is blank. It is not easy to do art with two boys aged one and four! So instead, I focus on mini art projects; my new favorite is postcard art. I also am always inspired and moved by song lyrics so I wanted to incorporate the two. Who knew  http://inspiration-avenue-team.blogspot.com would be doing word art this week? So I am linking up with a simple postcard except drats...I misquoted the lyric a bit. I guess I should not work from memory. Nevertheless, it is a song by artist Dido; the song is one of a few which truly relaxes me so it holds importance. Here it is...