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Monday, November 14, 2011

catching up

I have been lackluster in uploading cards here and haven't done it at all on postcrossing. Sorry! Now I forget who sent me what card but THANK YOU all! I've been behind...gone through 4 computers in just about a month. I'm not quite death to computers but they were all old, refurbished, and the like so their time was up.
I got a card from India which I haven't taken a pic of but it was pretty! Thanks Vihba!
I got one from New York, Cornell University (my 2nd cousin studied economics there decades ago) and I forget the sender's name and did not take a pic yet.
And these 3 cards (sorry for side ways ones...) are from Nicaragua, BC Canada, and Potsdam Germany. Wait! The one from BC is from Suhkjit (I think I mispelled her name so sorry!), the Nicaragua one from Christian (oh my 8 yr old neice said, what is a Nigaga? I mean Necrgawa...whatever?" She was not privy to my geography lesson and just walked off confused) and Potsdam from gosh....I forget, but she was from Moscow and on a vacation to Potsdam.
Surely I have forgotten more, so sorry!

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