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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Some vintage cards of mine

sorry they're all sideways and stuff. I have gone through 4 computers in a month and so I haven't posted much, and now this computer lacks a photo editing program.
Here's my area of California. (left, color) and Big Trees in Central CA (Above)

Some pool that no longer exists, San Francisco http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fleishhacker_Pool

Route 66 vintage card, NM
1912 Whitewater Kansas card. Yep, that old! In the photo somewhere is Bertice Dilzer. No clue who she is but I have over a dozen photos of her and her family. I cannot find the genealogy link with my family. Quite a mystery..
Boulder Dam, card circa 1936-1947
Before Vegas was the Vegas of today... probably from 1940-1950s
Italy, I'm thinking this is from 1930-1950s
Italy, no clue how old it is!
Montreal, 1920s or earlier?
Its much more built up now!

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