I collect postcards. I am an artist. This blog showcases both hobbies.

Friday, September 20, 2013

art, too

instead of making a millionth blog for myself, this will be my postcards....and my own art blog of my creations.

Here is my inaugural piece, linking up to Inspiration Aveneue at http://inspiration-avenue-team.blogspot.com/ for their theme of the week, woodlands..... perhaps one of my favorite theme as most of my art is nature-themed.

This piece is mixed media. I used paper, cardboard, and "realia", real leaves and pine needles.

It is actually a compilation. I made the trunks, cut the paper leaves, and my toddler son placed the paper leaves and real leaves and needles which he collected. Sadly, it is sideways...no matter what I do it looks "right" until it posts to blogger.


  1. I like this mixed media piece of yours and using nature materials. Theme was very fitting I see.


  2. This is so pretty and uplifting, no matter which way you view it! I love the natural elements you and your son added!