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Monday, September 23, 2013


a rare red oak which sadly succumbed to mistletoe last year
Autumn and Spring tie as my favorite seasons, especially because the weather is nice. I love the colors of fall and dream of one day visiting some place like Vermont in autumn.

a rare red oak which sadly succumbed to mistletoe last year
Where I live, the oaks generally turn a yellow-brown, offset by the many coniferous green trees. Rarely do I find a  rare maple or red oak. We do have native Dogwood which turn a lovely pink, but they seem to be inaccessible to my camera, as in, next to a busy highway, in someone's yard, on a cliff.

a sugar-cone pine cone by the fire
An oak glowing in golden light
I haven't done much photography lately, with two kids two and under, so these are pre-children photos of the leaves near my home....I hope to get back to taking photos soon. Photos are using my favorite setting, macro. My camera has since died so I have myself a list item for my Christmas list!

Fall comes later here; I see the first few leaves turning now but it takes them a bit to really "go". I can't wait! But as for winter...I'm not much of a fan of zero visibility fog, un-salted steep cliffside roads, and shoveling.

Thanks IA for this week's theme! (http://inspiration-avenue-team.blogspot.com/2013/09/this-week-challenge-celebrating-fall.html) Celebrating fall colors

incense cedar with morning dew. It doesn't
meet the fall color criteria but don't blame
me, conifers stay green year round


  1. Beautiful photography thank you, you have whet my appetite for Autumn...as if I needed any encouragement.

  2. Since our state (CO) has a dominated autumn scape of Aspens, it's always wonderful to see other trees that put on their colorful coats for the season.
    And I do like your blog........nice to 'meet' you!

  3. Your leaf shots are spectacular. I wish we had some of these type of scenes in our semi-desertic part of the world. Blessings!

  4. You paint a fabulous picture of Autumn in your part of the world.
    Here in Scotland most trees are still quite green.
    Lovely photos!

    Happy weekend,

  5. Your red oak is quite spectacular!!!