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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

summer's bounty

Where I live, summer can mean months between rains, with hundred degree heat nearby but a nice eighty-five at home... but summer lacks the vibrant greens of elsewhere, everything turns brown or even a sun-scorched black hue. My garden battles crazy mountain weather, I am lucky to get more than a handful of strawberries and tomatoes. Nevertheless, I like summer at home. So here is a photo that shows the dry plants and, be frightened, cob webs. We have plenty of black widows which I spray weekly to try and eradicate. One day, I went to rid of an abandoned web and just HAD to have a photo shoot. I got out a spray bottle and sprayed the web which sat behind some dried weeds. I like the result.

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  1. I love the soft neutral colors in your photo. Thanks for pointing out that everyone's summer bounty is a bit different. I know California has been exceptionally dry this year. But there is still plenty of beauty for a stunning photo!