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Monday, September 29, 2014

painting.....autumn is here

I live where fall peeks through, the oaks turn a bit yellow and the rare dogwood turns a pinky red...but with many evergreens and odd weather, things can turn brown, simply brown...and nearby, where the seasons are hot and dry constantly, trees turn brown from dying in the heat while also flowering....

My point here as I ramble is that I love autumn colors. I dream of some day seeing the fall colors in, say, New Hampshire. Until then, I look at pretty images online and yearn to buy paintings of the pretty scenes. I never buy them though, because I tell myself, "I can paint that". Except, I never do. Until now. I decided to just go for it and....voila...it worked out. Lately, my artistic talent has been failing me but I channeled my abilities.

I have often looked at illuminated paintings, as in the ones with a warm sunny or moonlit glow, and sigh because I have never figured out how to make things "glow" with paint. But I somehow, after a lifetime or trying, mastered it. So without further ado, my Aspens Aglow.

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