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Thursday, July 14, 2011

I was all excited yesterday...literally, I was smiling and excitedly exclaimed to my husband that it was postcrossing's 6th birthday and we HAD to go get some postcards so I could send six EXTRA cards which means I get some more cards in return! I even told him where I was sending them and showed him which ones I was sending. He loves me so he listened but he was not nearly as amused as I was. I'm all excited to go mail them this evening when we go to run errands.

Oh and about my blog the background is art from Nick Bantock's books. I do similar collage-style art. And this font, by the way, is my favorite, so pretty, if only my own writing was as lovely.

I've sent out 15 cards, 4 have been received, in a bit over a month. I sooooooo hope I have my first card in the mailbox today! And I so wish we had mailboxes outside our home instead of at the post office :( But then I'd probably check my box ten times a day if it were in my yard...I'd make a spectacle of myself, peeking through the curtain to look for the mail man and then run out like a predator to get my mail as it arrives. So I guess it is best that it sits in a box far away.

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