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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Off I sent 6 cards to other states in the USA, via direct swap (yesterday); and whenever I get to it admidst preparing a rental home, moving, and visiting my mom and grandma, off I'll send one to Russia. I get almost as excited picking out, writing, and sending cards as I do receiving them.

I think of postcards as a snapshot of one's country and themselves. Somehow your place makes you who you are, even if it is subtle. Your memories are affected by place and you stamp yourself on that place, you are a piece of that place's history and memory. That place's history, people, culture, sounds, smells, sights can all be represented on a card, so sending a postcard is sending part of you and part of the world around the world; quite intimate in a way. It is a really neat way to share your world with someone you either do or do not know. I wonder what others in the same place would do- would they choose a different card? Why? How would their message differ? Anyways I am getting too philosophical!

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