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Friday, August 12, 2011

Belarus, Russia

I decided if I receive a few cards in one post office visit, or if I just get to loading more than one postcard photo at a time, I will put them all in one post.
So the postcards today are...
From Alexandra in Belarus, a view of her city Mogilev. The building reminds me of Montreal and Massachusetts combined for some reason. Thanks Alexandra!
Then a random card from Russia, Moscow. Thanks Julia! A view of the important Kremlin.

Sigh. My last card as I've sent 9 cards...ok more but 9 have been registered and this is my 9th received. I am waiting on a US and UK card, both folks haven't been on in over a month and 2 more to Russia which can take some time, I think cards come from Russia quicker!

I will try and remember to rotate the images when things want to cooperate with me.

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