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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Yay! My mom was going through some boxes and found my oooooold postcards. I still can't find my very first card with the kitten on it but I found ones I have that were probably my second and third and the like! So I am very happy. I also found some cards given to family members many years ago and even a card, more of a greeting card type post card, from 1911! 100 years old. Lastly I found some cards from the 1960s of my area where I live which is neat, to track the changes in roads and buildings and landscaping. It's so exciting to hold history in your hands. The cards are from around the USA, mostly California, and a few from Australia and Canada. Oh and I have a duplicate or two which I will post in case any one wants one. They're not in perfect condition as they were stored in a dusty attic inside a plastic lunchbox but they're in decent shape.

I've still yet to catalog them or find a storage place better than a lunchbox, and I've just glanced through them but many are from 1930-1970 which is so cool, retro.

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