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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


one of my first cards, from when I went camping nearby.
another of my first cards; as a child (and still)I was interested in plants and animals that live in the area.
Another "first"
And another "first". I am missing my very first, with a kitten and pink border but these "firsts" were from the same year so close enough, as they were the first as a collection, the kitty one being my very first but these were what began a collection.
Cheesy but I like it for that reason
another of the mystery family postcards from Whitewater KS
The Sutro Baths were a large, privately owned swimming pool complex in San Francisco, California built in the late 19th century. The building housing the baths burned down in 1966 and was abandoned
From the Route 66 era, 1950s??? Once again the car can probably date it. I went to NM and went along part of Route 66 which was neat, seeing some of the roadside attractions.
Hoover Dam
Regarding the card below, this is its back side, 1911. No clue who the people are, meaning Carrie or Elmer.
A greeting type card from 1911. 100 years old, in my hands. Really neat! And pretty too.
Montreal. Not sure how old this is but I can tell you it looks nothing like when I visited there in 1999.
Fireze (maybe?) Italy. Cool scalloped edges.
Says quake fault 5 14 40 magnitude of quake (not on card, found via research) was 7.1 geez!!!
The 1940 El Centro earthquake struck on 18 May 1940, due to a rupture of the Imperial Fault, and was the strongest recorded earthquake to hit the Imperial Valley. The earthquake killed nine people[1] and was felt in Los Angeles and Tucson, Arizona.[2]

The main earthquake happened at 9:35pm local time, with a strong secondary quake at 10:51pm.[1]

Nine people were killed by the May 1940 Imperial Valley earthquake. At Imperial, 80 percent of the buildings were damaged to some degree. In the business district of Brawley, all structures were damaged, and about 50 percent had to be condemned. The shock caused 40 miles of surface faulting on the Imperial Fault, part of the San Andreas system in southern California. It was the first strong test of public schools designed to be earthquake-resistive after the 1933 Long Beach quake. Fifteen such public schools in the area had no apparent damage. Total damage has been estimated at about $6 million. The magnitude was 7.1

San Francisco, a colored type card.

sideways but an old card, circa 1920-30 of the great trees in California
more of the same, I'm certain anyone who knows cars could date it
circa about 1912!!! Whitewater KS. I have a bunch of photos too, with people of the Dilzer, Pennybaker families and another name which escapes me. I haven't a clue who they are of why I have all their photos....very intriguing! I've tried to link them to my family tree with no success.
From El Paso TX, cool retro style
another of the not a photograph style of cards.

Some "retro" old cards I finally found which had gone missing. They're cards mostly from my great-uncle and great-great aunt with a few I collected as a young child. I didn't edit my pics or crop them or remove shadows and things so excuse that please. Without further ado..... highlights of my collection

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