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Friday, October 4, 2013

dia de los muertos

I went to Los Angeles once during the dias de los muertos celebrations. I had a champurrado drink (sorry world....I did not like it), churro, and I browsed the stalls selling clay skulls and the like. It was fun.

 But to do that style of art as was the Inspiration Avenue theme this week? Totally not my "thing". But I winged it and used a stamped image of a Chinese woman and did a multicultural collage....blending Chinese papers into a Hispanic holiday theme. I used sparkly foam stickers to add color to the black and white lady. It was one of those ten minute projects where you do the art not for perfe
ction but just for a quick creative outburst. I am indifferent about the product of my labor but here it is.


  1. You know, it wasn't my style either but I like to step outside my usual routine. I think your image does harmonize with a lot of what I've seen with the holiday. Thanks for joining this week.

  2. The colors and patterns on this reflect the celebration and it is a lovely collage.

    Thank you for your kind comment on The Whimsey Asylum, the picture you asked about is digital art and was created on Photoshop in a process of layering different photo elements into a collage...minor adjustments in color and contrast create visual depth giving it a 3D look.
    If you enjoy creating art you should give digital a try it is very enjoyable.

  3. Your collage is very nice, I like all the different paper you used.
    This theme is completely down my alley - thank you for your kind words on my blog!