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Wednesday, October 2, 2013


my oldest son taking a nap on me.
I hate portraits. Ok. I like to look at them and kind of like the challenge of doing them, but my perfectionist side wins and I end up re-crafting my art a zillion times and still not being pleased with the results.

my youngest son napping as well.
 So.....with yoga breathing in mind....its ok....they turned out pretty darn good....especially at a distance (but who looks at art from 6 inches away anyways?)   These are oil pastels on watercolor paper (I know... not the right paper...I was using what was on hand)  the images are my pastel drawings of photos I had taken. It seems they were both napping - I have photos of them awake but these, of all my photos, seemed the best for aet- the most clarity, focus on the face (being a portrait and all) and well...admittedly..using the colors I could find as some oil pastels are missing. What do you think? I'm trying to convince myself to frame them.

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