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Monday, October 7, 2013


The weekly challenge at Inspiration Avenue is.....FACES

I have a love/hate with portraiture....I love the challenge and just portraits themselves, but they are such a pain for a perfectionist as I never get them right. It is a lesson in letting it "be". Last week I did oil pastel portraits of my children..... it just so happens they are both sleeping; I used photos as a model and my best photos were of them napping.

But wait there's more....
my oldest son, napping on me

my youngest son napping

This is a portrait of model Tyra Banks . This is my first portrait
attempt and it took weeks to work on . I did this 15 years
ago in high school.

A lithograph. I respect but do not enjoy lithography.
I thought "1980s" here. Circa 1998

oil pastel of a ballet folklorio woman 


  1. Beautiful portraits especially with pastels...well done

  2. Very nice work and the lithograph is so cool!

  3. I love all your faces, especially the ballet folklorico one. Blessings!